Cameron Poetzscher, Dealmaker

Cameron Poetzscher

Over the course his career, Cameron Poetzsher has worked on a large number of complex transactions, including high-profile mergers and acquisition transactions and his clients have included a great many industry leaders and innovators, like Uber. In fact, that may be why he landed at Uber, as that company’s Head of Corporate Development. In that position, so far he has worked to complete a number of marketing partnerships with a diverse group of corporations as diverse as Spotify and the legendary American Express.

Early on in his career, Cameron Poetzscher was sure to obtain a high quality education. For example, in addition to a Bachelor’s Degree, Cameron earned a MBA with Distinction from Harvard Business School. Not content to settle for that, he then worked on that same school’s finance faculty as a post-graduate for another year. He also handled numerous corporate operational issues with the elite consultancy Booz & Co in Australia. Most of Cameron Poetzscher’s experience has been focused on the technology, media and telecom sectors, which may explain why he is now a star with Uber.

Cameron Poetzscher, Uber Executive and Negotiation Expert

Cameron Poetzscher

It is the case that the bulk of Cameron Poetzscher‘s long business career has primarily been concentrated in the areas of on the media, telecommunications, and technology sectors, but there has also been a significant focus on the Internet and entertainment portions of those sectors. However, he also has gained considerable experience working with companies in many other fields, including areas as diverse as healthcare, finance, consumer products, natural resources, and real estate.

There are many reasons why Uber chose Cameron Poetzscher as a leader in their rapidly growing company. Now serving as the Head of Corporate Development for a company that has significant needs in that area, there is little doubt that Cameron was chosen in part because he had a long career behind him long before then. His experience has not only been significant, but it’s been international in scope, having worked on deals on five continents. His long business career includes 17 years at Goldman Sachs, where he was a global investment specialist. While there, he worked with clients in a great many business sectors, including finance, healthcare and real estate, even though most of his work was focused in the technology, media and telecommunications sectors especially in the areas of the Internet and entertainment.

In addition to his vast business experience, Cameron Poetzscher also has a strong traditional educational background to fall back on. Long before he arrived at Goldman, he earned an MBA with Distinction from Harvard Business School and then went on to work wth the HBS Finance faculty, where he conducted significant research and then wrote significant pieces on important subjects like derivatives, hedging and liability management.

Cameron Poetzscher, Deal Maker

Long before he became the Head of Corporate Development for technology company Uber, Cameron Poetzscher worked for many years to develop a reputation as an executive with the ability to handle almost anything. As a young man, he earned an MBA with Distinction from Harvard Business School before working on that school’s Finance Faculty, where he engaged in research and case-writing, with a focus on derivatives, hedging and liability management. Following that, he had a very long 17 year career with Goldman Sachs, where he was a global investment professional. With Goldman, he provided investment advice and guidance to some of the most demanding clients anywhere, including Fortune 50 companies, industry leaders and innovators and pre-IPO start-ups backed by leading venture capital firms. He worked on many complex high-profile mergers and acquisition transactions, IPOs and other financings.

Most of Cameron Poetzscher‘s long career has been focused primarily in the technology, media and telecommunications sectors, especially in the Internet and entertainment areas. However, he has done considerable work with companies in a number of other fields, including the financial, healthcare, consumer products, natural resources, industrial, and real estate areas. His experience has been international, having worked on deals in every corner of the world.

With so much experience, Cameron Poetzscher has shown himself to be a very valuable part of any team. As a problem solver, he tends to approach problems in a highly creative and analytical manner. He does his best work under pressure and he makes the best of challenging situations. He has led a number of difficult negotiations and made many deals in his career.